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 Desserts Page 

Granny's Cripple Creek Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies: This is Granny's favorite cookie mix. It is made with 6 oz. of real chocolate chip morsels. There is enjoyment in every bite!
Makes 3 dozen cookies.
Price: $7.00


Quaking Aspen Apple Spice Cake: Add chopped apples for a delicious treat. Everyone will love the fruity taste.
Makes one (1) 9x 13 cake, or two (2) 8 x 8 cakes.
Price: $7.00


Rocky Mountain Brookies: This mix combines the delectable taste of brownies with the ease of making drop cookies. Have a glass of milk handy!
14.2 oz. Makes 36 cookies.
Price: $7.00


Colorado Mud Hot Fudge Brownie Pudding Cake Mix: Chocolate lovers indulge! This mix is a fudgy brownie pudding cake mix. Serve alone or over vanilla ice cream. It comes in a colorful fabric bag - seasonal, patriotic, desert or wildlife varieties. Makes 1 pan.
Price: $9.95


Mountain Mud: The same delicious Hot Fudge Brownie Pudding Cake Mix as Colorado Mud but is packaged in a paper bag. This is great for the repeat customer.

WAIT!! Mountain Mud and Colorado Mud customers don't be hasty! Looks can be deceiving! This is what the baked mix is SUPPOSED to look like! It rises while baking ...and then "craters." This decadent dessert is part brownie with a rich, gooey chocolate sauce. Pair some with vanilla ice cream in a bowl. Enjoy.

Price: $8.95


Mountain Brownies: These are actual "pick-up 'n' eat" Brownies. Double chocolate for that extra sweet tooth. Try our new recipe for Brownie Fruit Pizza using this mix. Top with sweetened cream cheese and fresh fruit. Yum!
Price: $7.95


Holiday Pumpkin Bundt Cake mix: This cake tastes and smells just like an old-fashioned holiday! The aroma of freshly ground nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger fill the air as this cake bakes. Your family and guests will make this a holiday favorite. Packaged in a gold bag.
Price: $8.00


Colorado Snowball Mix: Mix with butter and cream cheese for a yummy frosting. Serve as a "dessert dip" with graham crackers or animal crackers.
Price: $6.00


Grand Canyon Mud: Now, our neighbors in Arizona can enjoy this decadent chocolate dessert. (It is just like Colorado Mud.) Serve warm in a bowl with vanilla ice cream. It is packaged in a fabric bag in material that depicts the essence of the American desert. Makes 1 pan.
Price: $9.95


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